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What they're saying behind Dan's back:

"There's only one version of Dan Kline--the one you see."
- Kay Marshall Strom, Writer, Speaker, Author of Making Friends With Your Mother

"Dan was so inspirational, and made attendees feel so comfortable, that he was able to bring out a past incident that [none of us knew about]."
- Mary Wilson, City of Paramount

"Outstanding seminar!!! Dan is an exceptional speaker, and the whole seminar could not have gone better. Thanks!!! I can't thank you enough for making everything work!!! I couldn't recommend Dan more highly!!!"
- Jenny Miller, McBride Electric "How To Avoid Hiring Lemons, Nuts and Flakes"

"I wish I could have this kind of Monday every day!"
- Delores Bartsch, Monterey County Headstart "Supervisory Headache #17"

"This applied to my life, not just my job. Mr. Kline's examples and humor were right on. I just wish I'd brought more people with me." - Barb Butter, Barnett Bank "Can You Really Get Everything Done--And Still Have A Life."

"Exceptional. Entertaining. Inspirational." - Bob Macko, City of Tallahassee, Florida

"Is it just a coincidence? I'm attending this seminar in the most stressful time of my life. Mr. Kline has helped me put things in perspective giving me the motivation to analyze my situation and start planning rather than be depressed about it." - Bernadette Ferguson, Tampa Regional Healthcare

"I have received training on this subject many times, but this approach makes much more sense. Dan Kline is the most interesting and entertaining speaker I have ever listened to." - Brenda Violet, Sarasota memorial Hospital

"A fantastic learning opportunity. Real life examples were wonderful." - George Skrbin, Merit Property Management

"What a wonderful way to spend a day away from work learning about work. Dan Kline was wonderful in all aspects." - Cindy Johnson, Metric

"Dan has a unique ability to hold your attention and make seemingly difficult decisions seem obvious!" - Patricia Snow, GTE
"Supervisory Headache #17"

"I loved the humor Dan used throughout the day." - Sue Gott, Yucaipa Calimesa J.U.S.D.

"Dan was great; very knowledgeable, very well spoken. This was the overall best seminar that I ever had the privilege of attending!" - Delroy Martin, Marriott Hotels
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