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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: What it is, what it isn't. What to do, what not to do.
Building 21st Century Leaders And Teams: Getting excellent work under difficult conditions.
It's Easier To Pull A Rope Than Push It: Effective leadership, communication, and positive motivation for yourself and others.
Problem Employees--How To Keep From Tearing Your Hair Out: You can't change human nature, but you can redirect it to produce win-win behavior.
Ask The Right Questions, Get The Best Employees: More than ever before, the right interviewing techniques are required to maximize results and minimize risks.
There Are Two Sides To Every Argument--Until You Take One: Resolving anger, criticism, and conflict effectively.
Effective Employee Appraisals--Making Them Work For You: Appraisals have one function: to help your employees improve. Stop wasting time, money, and morale with ineffective appraisals, and start turning "dread" into "bread."


The Lemming Syndrome, or, "This Way To The Cliff": Staying positive in a negative environment.
There's A Reason We Have Two Ears And One Mouth: Listening--and problem solving--with your eyes and heart as well as your ears.
Workplace Diversity: Differences become difficulties only when allowed to. Learn how to model and use mutual respect to move from divisiveness to synergism and productivity.
Customer Service, or, "Going The Extra Smile": Often neglected or misunderstood, good customer service pays high dividends.

Audiences connect with Dan's personal experience and "from-me-to-you" sincerity

Why Me? Do I have to?: Taking responsibility for your actions and your life.
Can You Really Get Everything Done--And Still Have A Life?: What to do when there's too much to do and not enough time to do it.

How To Get Those Butterflies Flying In Formation: Public speaking and other oral presentation skills.
So You're No Leno Or Letterman: How to make your talk fun and interesting anyway.
Writing For I.M.P.A.C.T.: From business writing to freelance article, from memo to novel--the art and skills of writing to be read.
Writing Is Eazy If Your a Sloopy Proffreader: Catch and avoid those embarrassing and expensive errors.
How To Grapple With Grammar And Win: Polished, professional, "correct" writing.
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