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Easygoing, articulate, knowledgeable, warmhearted, witty, and wise. Dan Kline is a skilled and entertaining speaker who knows how to connect with his audience.
Time and again Dan's seminar and training course attendees are astonished at how much they learn despite having had such an enjoyable time. It seems almost like cheating.
That, of course, is what mastering communication in the workplace is all about--not cheating, but how to get past the stress and find the joy in successful and productive relationships with fellow workers, regardless of their positions within the company or organization.
It seems simple because it is. It seems easy, but it is not. Amply illustrated with amusing and often hilarious events from his own life, Dan's true talent is revealed in his ability to demonstrate the incremental steps required to achieve lasting interpersonal skills.

A master speaker speaking about how to master public speaking.

Dan Kline's easygoing personality, down-to-earth style, and many humorous but true stories entertain and illustrate a variety of management practices and techniques

Once understood, these skills result in improved personal and workplace relationships, which boost morale and efficiency, which in turn translate to positive bottom line results.
It all comes down to one thing: mastering communication.

Dan tackles the complexities of workplace communication in a variety of subjects, each of which can be customized--compressed into one or two hours, or expanded to address your company's or organization's particular needs. Full day or multiple day seminars may be created from a selection of these and other themes. Complete keynote-to-seminar details and additional topics are available from Dan.
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